Performance Requirements and Landmark Specifications are compatible.

Energy Efficiency, Structural Superiority, Operating Force & Acoustical Control
are aspects of Window Performance that are often sacrificed for
Architecturally Correct and Aesthetically Required landmark details.

While certain specifications will always require compromise, the generally accepted standards of maintaining site lines, glass types, wood species, molding profiles and operating function are available in high performance wooden windows.

  • A variety of colors in low profile insulating glass spacers and sealants are compatible with traditional true divided lite narrow muntin profiles.

  • High performance silicone sealants allow the use of existing landmark and authentic restoration glass in double sealed insulating units.

  • The substitution of thin laminated glass on either the exterior or interior pane can increase the Acoustical performance required in schools, office buildings and other sites where sound control is essential to a successful restoration development.

  • Various hardwoods, imported and domestic, are available for increased structural and aesthetic requirements.

  • And, computer aided design and manufacturing systems now allow dimensional control to the thousandth of an inch, not only for glass size but also frame, jamb and trim widths & thicknesses. Even molding profiles applied to various parts are flexible at costs competitive to stock details.

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