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Woodstone recognizes that there are literally hundreds of web sites that provide interesting and valuable information relating to historic windows and doors. In the near future and from time to time, we will be reviewing many of these sites and providing links to those that offer relevant information, helpful to our guests.


Professional Associations & Informational Sites

National Fenestration Rating Council

National Glass Association

Wood Engineering Handbook

Architectural Woodworking Institute


Glass Products Manufacturers


PPG Industries

Spectrum Glass

Bendheim Glass

Guardian Industries

Alpen Glass

Uroboros Glass

Lamberts Cast Glass

Hardware Suppliers

GU Hardware

Truth Hardware

Baldwin Hardware


E.R. Butler — knobs and roses from W.C. Vaughn and E.R. Robinson.

Phelps Hardware

Rocky Mountain

Von Morris

Merit Hardware

P.E. Guerin

White Chapel Ltd.

Gerber Hardware

Finishes & Paints

Waterlox Marine (Tung Oil)

Sikkens (Linseed Oil)

Sherwin Williams Paints

Benjamin Moore Paints

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